The way search engines work has changed over the years. The work you have done in the last five years is not necessary for you today.

Link building strategy should be part of an effective SEO strategy for startups, but there are other techniques that you should consider increasing your online presence to produce more sales.

Elements of a good SEO strategy

Before knowing effective SEO strategies to implement in your startup, it is important to understand what a good SEO strategy is. The main factor for Google to determine its search engine results is: Relevance.


Content is king forever and ever. What Google expects of you is to create keyword-focused articles that provide unique insights and are well-researched with appropriate citations. Spun material will not just give you plus points.


There is another component to consider the importance of a link to your website. Think of having more quality and relevant links rather than spam, irrelevant or unnatural links.


This refers to the time when Google first indexed your domain and what happened to it over time. Having a website for a long period of time is not enough as Google needs to explore stability over this period.

SEO Strategies for Startup

For any SEO strategy to work in your favor, it is necessary to understand that links are created naturally and organically, and that you should do this continuously for years.

Here are some SEO strategies that startups can try to get the organic link juice flowing:

Mass Value Content (MVC) Strategy

A huge value content is not your normal article. These articles are original and engaging, with useful content that talks in great depth about a particular topic. These articles come with other names such as cornerstone material, epic material or columnar material.

SEO experts suggest that creating at least one epic content every day is more useful than creating a mediocre article.

Adds great value

An MVC is considered because it is designed to add value, which is determined by the Google algorithm. Not only will Google analyze the content; It will also consider users’ reactions to the post based on the time spent on the page and what they did after reading the post. While writing, always try to make sure that your post adds a lot of value to your niche.

Keyword Focused

MVC should be focused on a specific keyword and should discuss this topic clearly. Covering multiple topics in one post does not add value. Whatever topic you are trying to explain, make sure that you stay focused on the keyword and topic.

Use images or videos

Videos or images are considered useful for readers especially if you are talking on technical topics. Providing a video or photo of the steps in your article will improve the user experience, and be useful in the long term.

well prepared

Although this feature is a bit obvious, it cannot be emphasized enough that your post can be well written and understood by your audience. An article with too many typos and grammar mistakes is likely to repel users, which Google will detect as a poor rating for your post.


A strong MVC has anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 words. However, it does not need to look like a high wall of text. Use infographics and images in between and take advantage of white space when posting articles. Also, if you want to add value to your post, it should be in depth. If it is low it cannot be deep. Go into details and explain the topic clearly and carefully.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to help improve your startup’s online presence. When done correctly, content marketing can help improve your website’s search ranking, but it won’t happen overnight.

Find Industry Hot Topics

Get ideas from content that is already successful. Find out which topics worked best for your target audience. There are tools you can use for this step such as BuzzSumo, which helps to find popular and trending topics. You can then write original, fresh content based on these results that are helpful and interesting to your audience.

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