As more and more municipalities move towards registering an online presence, who said you can’t be the next one in your niche? And you can be a smart bet when City Gov starts. Modern and fresh, it fits on all types of municipal websites, government departments or agencies. Got a hook that cuts the rest of your agency? Great, display it correctly on your homepage sliders.

Does your agency include multiple municipal departments? Then, customize every single page for this and present it to your team members. In addition, it is easy to raise funds or start a crowdfunding campaign. Despite a skill gap, get your hands wet for site-building work for WPBakery Page Builder. Create, add or remove multiple page layouts as per your requirement. Poke around your color palette, add an online-store functionality and such.

If you want to make a strong online presentation for your museum, art expo, exhibition,

or run an art blog or start selling your very own works online, look no further than Ozoom. Its beautiful highly functional interface is supplied by countless pre-built demo styles, subpages, shortcodes, widgets and premium plugins. All customizations of the theme can be easily done within the intuitive drag and drop interface of Elementers.

Take advantage of the amazing galleries brought by Essential Grid Plugin that showcase pieces of your art that will encourage your users to see them in person or when they come to shop.

Talking about sales, integration with WooCommerce will make setting up your own online store extremely easy. Keep your users up to date with the help of all your upcoming showcase and events calendars. Ozum’s source code is very easy to read and is highly optimized for performance across all devices and all search engines.

Municipal employees are experts in city administration but not necessarily in web design.

This is why the best Municipality WordPress themes come to the rescue. For those who are looking for a solution to save time from the start, the Police-Fire Department is the ticket. Crafted with care, it fits the Police and Fire Department, as policemen, firefighters, bodyguards, prison or prison sites, as well as a non-profit organization. First of all, it comes with 2 unique skins for Police and Fire Department.

This means that you can save a ton of time and effort right from the start.

Second, it provides a set of essential modules that help you to be who you are and what you do more effectively. In fact, you can start a blog to prove your expertise and share the knowledge that your audience is looking for. need help? Get it only after you decide to establish yourself online.

No website is bad, but a website that looks terrible is even worse.

Even with a low budget, getting one of the best samples of Municipality WordPress theme is easier than you think. The fire department is one of the modern and feature-rich solutions that are ready to save you. It is another great option for firemen, fire prevention programs, rescue, security or emergency supply services.

The best thing is that WordPress 5.0 is compliant, so your site is built to the best web design standards. Also, you get a set of 3 unique crafted layouts and menu designs. Therefore, take time to explore your possibilities and see that site-building is not all that difficult. It is important to stay with your audience, so be sure to add a contact form. Got some interesting knowledge to share? Go and make it visible on your blog pages.

Having an online website means that you are where your target audience is.

Your site does not have all the bells and whistles, but is telling the modern world who you are? A website built with Impacto Patronus can put your organization in front of millions of new businesses. Fashionable and fresh, it stands out from other municipal WordPress themes from day one.

Designed for social activism purposes, it is suitable for all types of non-profit sites. Whether it is environmental campaigns, politics, philanthropy, gun control, or petitions, make sure it fits the bill. Depending on the ThemeRex framework, it can help to shoot your site up to the top.

50+ Awesome Municipality WordPress themes to take it to the next level

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