If you choose to use an animated lecturer video in your marketing strategy, then you must have the best tool.

In this article check out our selection of the five best free solutions specifically designed to create animated videos.


FlexClip is the simplest way to create animated videos for free. Whether you want to make an advertising video or an animated slide show, you will find your happiness.

You register for free to use all the features and resources in FlexClip. In editing, you can import your own videos or photos, add text, music, and of course, add voiceovers. The interface is very intuitive, so you won’t have trouble creating your animated video, especially because the result will be very professional.

With FlexClip, you can export your videos directly to your computer or share them on Facebook and YouTube channels. Output quality can be 480p, 720p or HD 1080p.

Price: The tool is completely free, but the possibilities are unlimited. You can enhance your creativity to make all kinds of videos in minutes.


If you want to make a beautiful video, then the Explee tool would be ideal. Already used by major brands, it is certain that you will get an animated video of professional quality.

Features are many and include:

Image Bank: Hundreds of images in various graphic styles
Effects: A wide range of effects and infections
Audio: Many music and sound effects are already integrated into the instrument, categorized by subject.
Speech synthesis: a fairly powerful feature because it can adapt to your text and the language chosen.

The interface is intuitive again, and the tool provides a short tutorial on your arrival at the editing area. Regarding exports, you are offered various qualities: from mobile quality (180p) to high quality (1080p).

Price: Xplay has a 14-day free version. Thereafter will offer membership from $ 7 / month. For companies, a membership is provided to allow up to 20 people to work collaboratively.


Pavatoon is a promised 20 minute video because of the ease of use of this tool and templates with different themes at your disposal.

In addition to texts, the call-to-action, picture, shape, or music is also through an easily understandable editing interface. Already designed scenes can be added and customized which will save time in creating your animated video.

The bank of images and images consists of various graphic styles (emoji, pixel illustrations, hand drawings, etc.). As you can see, there is something for every taste and every need.

With Powoon, you can mix animation and corporate video for very professional rendering. Beyond traditional MP4, you can export to PDF or PPT, with each slide being provided with animations.

Price: A free version is available, but for more functionality, you’ll need to choose a pricing package starting at $ 16 / month.


Perhaps you have known this tool as GoAnimate? Called Today Wond, this solution allows you to edit animated videos, just thanks to a wide choice of templates.

Videos of three genres are available. Once your style is chosen, you will come into the editing area, again very comfortable.

Of course, other functionalities are proposed, and the library is greatly provided. Possibilities include many such as characters, graphics, music, and texts. All of these elements are in pre-designed templates and can be customized.

Price: After a 14-day free trial, you must choose between three types of membership: enterprise, business or personal, counting at least $ 39 / month.

A video can be generated automatically by a very simple process:

You submit a text or the URL of your blog post
You select a template (or a graphic style)
You add / modify / delete the generated video sequence and customize
The visual editor is very complete: voice synthesis, text templates, animated backgrounds, graphics, images and a library of illustrations and music, all to help you create a professional animated video.

Another special feature of Rawshorts is that you can make videos especially on social networks like Instagram and Facebook due to the custom format.

Price: There is a free version of the tool but to avail all features you will need to subscribe for $ 39 / month.

Video Animation Inc

If you want to invest a little bit and are not doing animation yourself, Video Animation Inc. offers a quality 30-second animated video for only $ 199. They are teams of highly passionate individuals who strive every day to earn your brand name. Their performance reflects the quality and amount of work that they have delivered globally.

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