When it comes to online gaming, players need to know that they are playing on a secure and reliable site. They need to know that their transactions are safe and that their money will not disappear without trace.

The encryption, verification process and RNG have given players more confidence to play on registered sites. Players are gaining trust, thus reducing fear. Apart from more stringent regulations, this is due to technological advances in security.

Players eat

While this can be a hassle, it is a good sign if the gaming site you want to use has a secure sign-up process. They may ask you to provide documents to prove their identity, which means that it will be harder for someone else to hack your account later.

You should set your username and password like any other secure account, with only knowing your password. When you type this into a gaming site, high-end SSL encryption must be used to secure the site.

Of course, it is still your responsibility to protect yourself from malware attacks and identify fraud, but decent online gaming account security should prevent most threats.

RFID chip

Some casinos and gaming sites will also allow you to order a unique RFID chip, which is a physical token that you can keep with you like a key. When you try to access your account, the RFID chip will generate a long code that acts as a second password and an additional layer of verification.

This means that whoever wanted to get into your account would need both your password and your RFID chip. This is an excellent security technique for large bankroll players on their account.

Banking security

When it comes to withdrawals and deposits, most legitimate casinos and gaming sites use the same methods as you would expect from any e-commerce transaction, including bank transfer and credit and debit cards.

These banking options are not only convenient, but provide additional security, as most banks will use the latest security technology to encrypt transactions and protect your identity. You can also request verification options with your bank, such as passwords for online transactions and one-time passwords sent by text.

RNG and Blockchain

Along with knowing that their money is safe during banking and transactions, players also want to know that the games they play are fair. This means that there is no rigging, and employees cannot exploit players.

The solution used by most sites is the random number generator (RNG). This technique uses a ‘seed’ number to generate a long number, simulating as much randomness as possible and with greater accuracy than shuffling the deck of cards. This greatly prevents foul play and fraud.

Blockchain, one of the latest advances in

technology to watch in 2019, may provide a safe and appropriate solution. In this case, the number would be generated randomly by the arbitrary actions of the players, and therefore, there would be no way to manipulate the site. Players will also be able to test RNG on the blockchain.

Without doubt, technology has improved security on online gaming sites. However, it is important to watch out for legitimate, regulated sites and take necessary precautions.

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