How to rear panel on the Nokia 5.3 is made

Phones that cost $ 199 these days even have four lens camera sensors, but they should not be. The Nokia 5.3’s main camera has 13 megapixels and f / 1.8 aperture, and it has a 5 megapixel ultra-wide, 2 megapixel depth cc.

There is night mode, but the shots it takes are slightly better than those taken without it and there is also portrait mode. Edge detection is good, but the camera has to wait to process the shots. Turn the selfie camera over and see that the results are often not washed out in bright conditions, but the results are accepted at home.

The Nokia 5.3 camera is disappointing as it combines all of these with the software slowly. It’s a cheap phone, which is never the best when it comes to the camera, but it still has to be quality to maintain. Requires fast software and consistent performance at any cost. I have a single lens camera that takes better photos than a quad-lens camera that takes regular photos.

Powered by Nokia 5.3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor with 3GB, 4GB or 6GB RAM. My review phone has 4GB and handles tasks like social networking applications, messages and calls without issue. Do something more serious, it will damage YouTube usage and speed. For example, it may take a few seconds to switch from landscape to portrait orientation, and exiting power-hungry gaming apps can cause a long pause when the phone automatically turns off.

The 400 price capability 400 high-end smartphones do everything most people want from mobile, but what about half-priced phones? HMT Global’s Nokia 5.3 is priced at just $ 199 or 149 British pounds, but after using the phone for a week I can safely say that it does not seem to halve the quality and performance of the more expensive model – for the most part, at least.

Nokia 5.3 will amaze you with its features, software and overall capability as an everyday smartphone. No, the camera and screen are not the best models, but you should not expect them to be. Buy the Nokia 5.3 and find out what you can and cannot do before that and in a little while you will get one of the best smartphone values ​​I have ever seen.

The back panel of the Nokia 5.3 is made of composite plastic, which has a bitter, but not pleasant texture. It has a slight curve and curve on the sides to meet the plastic frame, which leads to a 6.55-inch screen. The phone is 8.5 mm thick and weighs only 185 grams. It is hand-held, but wide, so owners with small hands may find it savage.

In addition to the volume rocker and the SIM tray, there are two other buttons on the body of the Nokia 5.3. The power button is a clear requirement, which is located below the volume rocker. It has a bright and recognizable notification light and beats when there are messages waiting for you on the phone. This is useful when not always on screen, and the fitting is exceptional and eye-catching.

The second button feels useless. It calls the counter and Google Assistant. I often accidentally press it when I pick up the phone or handle it with one hand. This can be annoying because adding several extra steps while trying to unlock the phone or taking extra seconds to cancel at other times. There is a way to turn off the button, but there is no way to make it more effective. Nokia has added a 3.5mm headphone jack and a lower single speaker to the phone. It has plenty of volume, but no bass, resulting in a rough and thin sound.

On the back is a quad sensor camera module, which extends slightly from the body and is mounted on top of the fingerprint sensor. This design is no different from other phones of the past few years, including the OnePlus 7D and the Poco F2 Pro, and is inefficiently attractive.

The price of this phone does not seem to be 199, which is a big deal here. You can’t get an ugly phone that screams “cheap” when you pick it up or look at it, but in a low and uniform design. To enhance the appeal of the phone, I recommend buying the Nokia 5.3 in cyan or sand color rather than the monotonous charcoal color of my review model.

The 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen on the front shows where the money is stored. The resolution is 1,600 x 720 pixels, which means it can play YouTube videos at a maximum of 720p, and although all of these are fully acceptable for a phone at this price, I found myself suffering from a lack of brightness. I had to fill the brightness for a long time, even then it was hard to see in the bright sunlight. The auto brightness feature is very annoying, barely stays at the same level before jumping back and never gets the right point.

At the top of the screen is a teardrop line with a selfie camera, and a small chin bezel with Nokia branding. Considering the maximum brightness, the penetrating night light feature that can turn off the blue light is turned off (which is often confused with colors, especially when scrolling), which makes the screen ideal for everyday use. Don’t expect it to be a media powerhouse.

You can expect this to be satisfactory. There is no detail with low resolution, but I found that the screen has a very cool color palette in the default settings. It cries out for so much brilliance and some videos lack life and vitality. However, this is not really the case with the phone and the Nokia 5.3 is good for a normal look. I also like that the screen is huge, so you do not feel like it has led to other visual compromises outside of the low tariff resolution.


How to rear panel on the Nokia 5.3 is made

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