The Apple’s VP of communications is leaving the company

Steve Dowling, who has directed Apple communications over the past five years, will leave the company.

Dowling has been the head of Apple’s public relations for 10 years. During his tenure, the tech giant took care of everything from the early years of Tim Cook as CEO after the death of its founder founder to a group of new product launches and battles with the U.S. government. UU. For encryption.

According to a memo sent to employees this week, Dowling wrote: “It’s time.” He added that he intended to spend time on vacation and it seemed that he would not move to another job in another company. Dowling will remain at Apple until the end of October.

“After 16 years at Apple, with countless keywords, product launches, and a PR crisis from time to time, I decided this was the time to step away from our awesome company,” Dowling wrote. I laid out their plans and the team works brilliantly as usual. It’s time.”

In a statement, Apple said of Dowling’s departure: “Steve Dowling has been dedicated to Apple for more than 16 years and has contributed to the company at all levels in many of its most important moments. From the first iPhone and App Store to Apple Watch and AirPods, it helped tell Apple’s story and sharing our values ​​with the world. After launching another successful product, he decided to leave Apple to spend time with his family. The company is in the future, and we are grateful for all that you have provided to Apple and we wish you the best. ”

The move comes after Apple organized its annual fall event at its headquarters in Cupertino, where it launched the iPhone 11 and the latest version of the Apple Watch. Marketing director Phil Schiller will take over the role of Dowling in this interim period, and the sources said the company will look at internal and external candidates for the position.

Dowling is a former journalist who joined Apple after managing the CNBC Silicon Valley office. Katy Cotton, Apple’s long-term communications director, has reported that he has been working closely with company founder Steve Jobs as the company moved from the edge of bankruptcy to the top of the food technology chain. After leaving Cotton, Dowling was Cook’s choice to manage his public relations and more. The CEO reported directly and was Apple’s main channel to the media.

Although Apple has had a less controversial image in recent years, as Cook has tried to keep the company out of the harsh criticism of the negative social impact of some other players, especially Facebook and Google, it has not been a route without some serious strikes and the company has faced criticism for treating Chinese workers Who make their famous products. He fought with the United States government. UU. After the company resisted FBI demands to access encrypted iPhones in the wake of an internal terrorist attack. Some critics questioned whether Apple lost its mojo innovations after the early death of its former CEO Steve Jobs. The company has recently been examined whether it is benefiting from its products in its application store.

Although Dowling indicated in his memo that “six colors will always bleed”, the challenge of protecting Apple’s image at a time of increased scrutiny by technology companies will now be someone else’s responsibility.

Here is the whole note:

After 16 years at Apple, myriad of speeches, product launches and a PR crisis from time to time, I decided this was the time to step away from our awesome company. This is something that has been on my mind for a while, focused during the last release cycle, and for me the last. They put their plans and the team works brilliantly as usual. So it is time.

Phil will temporarily manage the team from today, and I will be available until the end of October to help with the transition. After that, I plan to spend a long time before trying something new. At home, I have a patient, a supportive wife in Petra, and two beautiful children who visit as a teenager. I would really like to create more memories with all three while I had the chance.

My loyalty to Apple and its people knows no boundaries. Working with Tim and this team, to achieve everything we did together, was the highlight of my career. I wish you every success.

The Apple’s VP of communications is leaving the company

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