Isn’t it interesting to think about the use of different colors to make your marketing efforts more effective for your different customers? It is a very unique idea to use and select colors, which can change your marketing efforts and have a strong impact on buying behavior with your customers as well as their response to the marketing campaign.

According to studies, colors have a major role in changing the audience’s judgment of the audience’s perception of these colors. There are 60% of responses indicating that people accept or reject a product because of its colors or the colors used in advertising those products.

In newspapers or magazines, there are more than 42% of Facebook and Instagram followers who pay attention to advertisements for products. Which are in basic combo white and black which are colored instead of commercials. So we will discuss some facts, which will prove that the psychology of colors is also an important factor in increasing the conversion of a website.

The fact that color psychology matters in conversion rates

According to research, more than 80% of consumers are those who would prefer to buy larger devices if it is in the colors they want. For 84% of people, the main motive behind purchasing an appliance or product is the color of the product used by the brand. For example, a few years ago Heinz used green in his signature logo to turn red, and in 7 months he saw a huge increase in sales of his product. Just by changing the color of the signature logo on his ketchup bottle, he made record sales in a few months.

Color and type of shopkeepers

For different types of shoppers, different colors are preferred. Traditional shopkeepers are most likely to be present in clothing shops and prefer pink, rose and sky colors. Impulsive buyers are mostly found in restaurants for clearance sales and in malls. He has been seen preferring blue, black, red and orange colors. Budget shoppers are usually found in department stores and prefer mostly teal and navy blue colors in their shopping.

Color and gender

Gender plays a huge role in differentiating customer choice between men and women. Marketers should know their preferences when advertising their products for these groups.

According to research, women mostly go for colors that are soft and they are mostly interested in items that are colored. Whereas, on the other hand, the second group prefers plain bold colors and they consider differences in the colors of colors rather than colored objects. Men mostly prefer colors like black, gray, green and blue.

While female customers prefer the colors pink, green and blue when shopping. The colors may be of a product or it may be the color of the brand which attracts cam customers to buy some products.

Selecting point of sale systems

More than a single point of sale, you have to choose a system that maintains a systematic control of all information, with these data you can make accurate decisions to increase your sales and continuously increase your business.

You should analyze the functionality of point of sale system modules to manage your business in an integral way, with minimum features:

Cashier Transactions serves as Cashier Transactions, Cash Drawers and Price Returns.
You should streamline your sales process
Manage your inventions efficiently and automatically

key benefits

The following are the main benefits that a point of sale system can offer to improve business productivity:

Nowadays, using point-of-sale systems in your company is essential to streamline and automate the operation of your business. With a point-of-sale system, you will have the opportunity to have a better-organized business and most importantly, it will help provide information so that a timely decision can be made.

Link your branches to the online system

You will be able to place one or more boxes in a network, for example, defining commercial policies and sales steps for each of them according to your business; One configured for box order and the other for collection. You can also integrate all your branch information in real time with a single system in the cloud.

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