What is strange new respect for Elizabeth Warren

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of FacebookFacebook, believes that Elizabeth Warren’s presidency will be “nonsense.” It can be assumed that his comrades agree with him.

But something surprising has happened in Silicon Valley in the past six months: technology has become accustomed to Elizabeth Warren.

The candidate who wants to dismantle Zuckerberg and other tech giants stands out as a leader in the elite circles in Silicon Valley, even when she rejects that elite’s efforts to get to know her better.

Hunter Walk, the former Google product manager who is now an enterprising capitalist, calls it “an evolution.”

Maybe this is very precious.” “I’m ready to say, yes, change all the other things! Let’s eradicate all these other assumptions!

Walking is not alone. Reshaping polls conducted by a group of democratic donors and fundraising in Silicon Valley show that Warren is making remarkable progress with some of the wealthiest Democrats in technology. This progress was unimaginable just six months ago after it demanded the division of prominent companies in the industry into parts.

Warren was sometimes not managed by the glass discourse towards Silicon Valley. But technological elites are not, as is often the case, a single-issue vote driven by technology policy. The twenty-two tech executives, investors, and fundraising veterans who spoke with Recode described three main reasons why their industry was making this unexpected shift to Warren: They say they respect the accuracy of their policy. They see her as less extreme than she had ever imagined (especially compared to Bernie Sanders). And perhaps most importantly, it has a reasonable way to win the nomination, and there’s nothing Silicon Valley likes more than a winner.

What is even stranger is that Warren is gaining ground with these elites by doing almost nothing from traditional persuasion and pampering that is the pillar of today’s great box era. While some of its competitors in 2020 return to Silicon Valley several times in one month, Warren, at least on the one hand, does the best of the tech industry and at the same time does the least possible, sometimes with joy.

If Silicon Valley is hugging her, Warren isn’t the same.

It may be difficult to estimate the tech-rich’s massive support for Warren because, unlike all other candidates, except for Bernie Sanders, she does not travel to the high-level dollar fundraising circuit that provides a near-universal registration card for who won the party’s major donors. But at the CEO’s dinner, at the hotel’s ballroom and on private donor lists across the Gulf region, Warren stands out as a stranger that Silicon Valley experts can live with.

Fans range from Barry McCarthy, Spotify’s CFO (“raising the bar for political rhetoric,” he says) to former Facebook CEO Shamat Palihabitia (“I disagree with many of his proposals, but I made a donation to Elizabeth Warren because she is the lead candidate The only one with written substantive issues.

Also $ 2,800 cut checks for Warren in recent months is former chief Y Combinator Sam Altman. Sonos founder, John MacFarlane; and Chris Saca, a billionaire investor who runs a network of liberal donors in Silicon Valley. Just as employees in Google’s rating are surprisingly supportive of Warren, anti-intrusive cracks are also emerging at the elite level.

Warren’s team reiterated recoding that it did not change policy to be closer to technology donors, regardless of its new support for it.

Because of this policy, Elizabeth can devote her time to defending her plan to break Big Tech and restore power to the hands of the American people, be it a fence. Advertise in the heart of Silicon Valley or confront Amazon on Long Island City His campaign, he said.

obRob Stavis, the venture capital that donated more than $ 1 million for democratic reasons before last year’s legislative elections, is a moderate who describes himself and prefers himself to a Democratic candidate. But he even reluctantly admits a new respect for a Massachusetts senator, though he remains neutral.

“It grows in me,” Stavis said. “From this it seems crazy.”

What is strange new respect for Elizabeth Warren

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